Monday, June 24, 2013

Leakes, Leakers and Leaking

Agent 54 here again.  We keep track on everyone in our nation's capital. Wikileaks got nothing on my NSA under the DORD.  This file from Washington D.C. was decoded before it landed on my desk:  

Eric:  Hello Barry, I wanted to discuss Leakes with you.

Barry:  Hi Eric, I’m very interested in Leakes.

Eric:  So, do you think NeNe Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta is hot?

Barry:  Oh yeah, I love that blonde wig she wears.  I guess it’s a wig but you know what they say “only her hairdresser knows for sure”.  Chuckle chuckle.

Eric:  Actually Sir, we know for sure.  It’s her real hair but not her real color.

Yeah, uh, I think I’m going to crumple that file up and throw it away.  God Bless America.


  1. Bwahahahahahaha.

    Have a sillytastic Silly Sunday. ☺

  2. LOL where did she get that name from haha!

    Have a wigtastic week :-)

    1. It does fit her.

      Don't wig out! Have a great holiday.

  3. I had no idea that was her surname

    Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

  4. He's still confused on so many things.

    Have a terrific Silly Sunday. ☺

  5. Not bad! I like to know what Trump's jokes would be like... #FabFridayPost