Sunday, August 25, 2013

Things I Might Say

Agent 54 here again.  This Silly Sunday thing seems to be working out nicely.  You get to know me better and I get to talk about my favorite subject,,, me.  So, if you are ever fortunate enough to meet me by chance somewhere, these are some of the things I might say to you depending on the weather or my mood or if you have an interesting appearance or animal with you.

  “What a great day for dogs!”  I catch dog walkers all the time with this one.  Sometimes they respond “every day is a great day for dogs” and I reply “yes it is”, then I size up your dog and say something like “2 hours at 350 degrees, feeds 4?”  Usually I get a laugh but, not always.  I come back with “I’m just kidding, I wouldn’t eat your dog, a stray dog maybe but, not your dog”.  Most of the time that’s all the person can take and they hurry away.

  Cat people get “I love cats with barbecue sauce, served with beans and guacamole.  “I’m just kidding, I wouldn’t eat your cat (dog, penguin etc..) a stray cat (dog, penguin etc..) maybe but, not your cat (dog, penguin etc..)”.  For some reason cat people find this funnier than dog people.  Maybe they can tell that I really do like cats.

  You say “hi, how are you?” and I respond with “I’m awesome but, it can be hard  for people to tell just by looking at me”.   This one confuses the hell out of people.  I sometimes give them a break (yeah right) by asking them “do you know why I’m awesome”?  Most snap back to reality and say “why?”  They have no idea how big of a can of worms they just opened.  I tell them “because I’m a great skater”.  They say “ice skater?” and I say “Ice Hockey.  When I used to skate into people they would fall down and when they would skate into me they would fall down.  It was a lot of fun”  That was really true.  I used to knock people down and laugh at them.  Try it, you’ll like it. (Do not attempt this anywhere). 

  If you are a waiter/waitress and you attempt to take my order I may ask for a Bucket of Chicken all beaks and feet.  That’s not really what I want and it’s really hard to find anyone who actually serves that.  So far I haven’t gotten stuck eating it.  Hey! Maybe someday.  Maybe I’ll like it.

  If you are a waiter/waitress and you attempt to take my order I may ask for Muskrat Parmesan.  The more experienced waitresses at the old dinners back east have heard this one before.  The truckers do this one all the time. The first time I did this in front of my wife to be, she gasped.  The waitress didn’t even react and I played along.  She brought me Chicken Parmesan as I knew she would  (I’m pretty sure it was chicken).

  After dinner (breakfast, lunch, cigar etc…) I will say “that was the best dinner (breakfast, lunch, cigar etc…) I had all day.”  People ask how many dinners (breakfast, lunch, cigar etc…) did you have today?  Again they opened a can of worms that could go anywhere.

  I sometimes answer the phone in Spanish.  “?Hola, como se llama?”  Usually the telemarketers just hang up.

  If you ever ask me (and people have asked) “What the hell is wrong with you?” I will reply “What, do you want me to make a list?”.  That usually shuts them up.

Fair warning to all:    Any conversation with me could result in numerous Ice Hockey stories being told.  Man, I had a great time playing Hockey.

  I feel it is time to mercifully let you go about your own life now having had your fill of me for the week.  It was fun (for me anyway).  Until next Sunday, Hi Oh Silver, Away!


  1. So you're telling me that I'll never know you because you'll keep changing the facts. That's what I'm better here. Well I do know you are a Bull Sh***** and I'm guessing that's all you really want me to know. I love it.

    Congratulations on your win over at Times Squared.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday. :)

    1. Thank you and thank Suzanne at Times Squared.
      Have a great week.

  2. I think if I had a conversation with you I would end up having a nervous breakdown LMAO...but you managed to crack me up anyway heheh!

    Have a confusedtastic week

    PS: I once asked a waitress who served me if she had corn on the cob she said no but I got a boil on my a**e :-)

    1. LOL Waitresses have to be good sports. I always try to over tip them for putting up with me.

      A great week to you too.

  3. I love cats! They taste like chicken.

    I can see you driving waitresses batty!

    1. They earn their tips with me. Nice to see you again.

  4. Cats and dogs go missing every day, now I know why. Nice post.

  5. What a delightful chuckle! Thank you for sharing Things I Might Say with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I'm pinning and sharing.

  6. Great post! Getting to know more about Agent 54....I like the way you think!