Sunday, July 5, 2015

MSM Current Events

Agent 54 here again, I got to review Blitzed Wolfer's report from the Hillary Clinton Campaign before it actually got aired.  Hillary visited a small American town where she ate some Ice Cream and then marched in the 4th of July Parade with lots of her security and staff.  We pick it up on the parade route with Blitzed and his cameraman.

Blitzed:  This is Blitzed Wolfer for CAN’s Election 2016 coverage, reporting from the Parade route.  The press is eagerly awaiting Hillary Clinton’s arrival as she strolls down the street in this Independence Day Parade.  I’m personally hoping to get a chance to ask Hillary a question.  I haven’t asked Hillary a question since,, well,, I haven’t ever asked Hillary a question so I'm very excited about my very first opportunity.

Scene:  Hillary comes into view in her Red, White & Blue Pantsuit slowly walking down the street surrounded by many of Hillary’s security guards and staffers.  Suddenly, Blitzed sees his chance.  He aggressively seizes the opportunity to pounce!

Blitzed:  (shouting to be heard)  Madame Secretary!  Madame Secretary!  Can you name your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?

Hillary: I like nearly everything.

Before Blitzed can ask his follow-up question, (sprinkles or syrup?) he’s roped together with his cameraman by several of Hillary’s flying monkey minions and pulled away from the parade route with the rest of his press corps buddies.

Blitzed:  (angrily)  What the hell is going on here?  Untie me right now!

Hillary Flying Monkey Minion:  Oohh, oohh, ooh, aaahhhh, aaaahh, ooohhh, ooohh, oohh.

Blitzed:  (to his fellow reporters)  Any of you guys speak Monkey?

 Scene:  Back at the Cable Ass Network studios editing room we find Blitzed with his cameraman and editor reviewing the footage from the parade.

CAN Editor:  Wow! That’s a load of crap!

Blitzed:  Well, isn’t there anything you can use on the film? 

CAN Editor:  Oh, we’ll use almost all of it.  Just because it’s crap doesn’t mean we
won’t air it.

Blitzed:  Whew!  You had me going there.  I thought I had wasted a whole day because CAN had gone back to using real journalistic standards. 

CAN Editor:  Oh hell no!  We’ll go ahead and run this crap, after all, we’re competing with Jon Stewart on The Daily show.

  Thanks to CAN’s relaxed journalistic standards the day was not a waste for Blitzed.  More importantly we found out that Hillary Clinton’s favorite flavor of Ice Cream is whatever flavor you like,,,,today. 

UPDATE 4/9/17:  Rachel Maddow makes herself the ratings leader of Liberal Media Television by committing a felony and releasing Private Citizen Donald Trump's 2005 Tax Return that prove he paid his taxes.

How low will the Liberal and their Media go?    

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  1. This is truer than not you know, but you already know that.

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  2. LOL @ Blitzed Wolfer :-)

    Have a politicallytastic day & thanks for meandering by :-)

    1. Thanks for visiting and let's go get some Ice Cream sometime.

  3. A true politician -- don't answer!

  4. Pander to the left. Pander to the right. Hillary Clinton can Pander all night.

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  6. This is the kind of attitude that would make her a feckless leader by which I mean " Lacking the courage to act in any meaningful way."

    1. Absolutely! Hillary has to take a poll to find out what to have for breakfast.

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  7. Politics at its best #WickedWednesdays

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  9. Spot on, Agent 54. Hillary was born in Chicago and is a Cubs fan but when she moved to NY she was suddenly a Yankees gal. She claimed she loved the Yankees for years. No surprise her favorite ice cream is whatever will get her votes.

    1. Crooked Hillary will say anything she thinks you want to hear.