Saturday, September 22, 2018

Prescott Arizona

  Agent 54 here again.  Mrs. Agent 54 and I took a weekend trip to Prescott Arizona and I think I got some cool pictures.  Check it out.

  We went downtown to the Yavapai County courthouse where they were having local arts and crafts vendor fair.  The courthouse has a great yard with statues and fountains and tall trees and is a great place to place to do some people watching.

I love the old style glass globe lights.

This beautiful artwork was done in copper with turquoise colored accents.

There was something interesting around every corner and it was a spectacular day.

Whiskey Row was directly across the street from the Courthouse.  It was a terrific day to relax and do some people watching with your favorite beverage.

Climbing on rocks at Lake Watson near Prescott.

Willow Lake is near Lake Watson.

We stayed at the Prescott Convention Center and this was the view from out room.  You can see Fort Whipple and Thumb Butte.

This view is from the gazebo on the other side of the hotel.  You can see the "P"
for Prescott at the top of the mountain. 

The sunsets were amazing.  The Granite Mountain is featured on the right side of this picture.

You have the silhouette of Thumb Butte in this pic.

Close-up of Thumb Butte.

I hiked Thumb Butte in the Prescott National Forest yesterday, 11/7/18. My knee is great now, thanks to my therapy exercises.

Granite Mountain as seen from Watson Lake

We stopped at Mortimer Farms on the way back for some sweet corn and homemade jams.

You can pick your own fresh produce down on the farm.

Blue Hootie

I recommend Prescott Arizona for a nice relaxing long weekend or a week's vacation.  You can take your time and find interesting little gems like the Sharlot Hall Museum which feature the first Governor's Mansion (log cabin) in Arizona.