Saturday, September 22, 2018

Prescott Arizona

  Agent 54 here again.  Mrs. Agent 54 and I took a weekend trip to Prescott Arizona and I think I got some cool pictures.  Check it out.

  We went downtown to the Yavapai County courthouse where they were having local arts and crafts vendor fair.  The courthouse has a great yard with statues and fountains and tall trees and is a great place to place to do some people watching.

I love the old style glass globe lights.

This beautiful artwork was done in copper with turquoise colored accents.

There was something interesting around every corner and it was a spectacular day.

Whiskey Row was directly across the street from the Courthouse.  It was a terrific day to relax and do some people watching with your favorite beverage.

Climbing on rocks at Lake Watson near Prescott.

We stayed at the Prescott Convention Center and this was the view from out room.  You can see Fort Whipple and Thumb Butte.

This view is from the gazebo on the other side of the hotel.  You can see the "P"
for Prescott at the top of the mountain. 

The sunsets were amazing.  The Granite Mountain is featured on the right side of this picture.

You have the silhouette of Thumb Butte in this pic.

Close-up of Thumb Butte.

I hiked Thumb Butte in the Prescott National Forest yesterday, 11/7/18. My knee is great now, thanks to my therapy exercises.

Granite Mountain as seen from Watson Lake

We stopped at Mortimer Farms on the way back for some sweet corn and homemade jams.

You can pick your own fresh produce down on the farm.

Blue Hootie

I recommend Prescott Arizona for a nice relaxing long weekend or a week's vacation.  You can take your time and find interesting little gems like the Sharlot Hall Museum which feature the first Governor's Mansion (log cabin) in Arizona.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Scorpion Whisperer

  Agent 54 here again.   Once upon a time last night, I was sitting on my porch in my favorite chair smoking a cigar and chatting with a neighbor and my wife when my wife yelled “Agent 54, there’s a scorpion”.   I turned to see a mean and ugly scorpion with his hands in the air like he just don’t care and snarl on his face, running directly toward my position.  Quick as a cat, I jumped up and stepped on it, killing it only a few inches from my chair.  I had to wonder, what was on this scorpion’s mind.  What were it’s true intentions?

  I’ve been killing scorpions ever since I moved to my new home.  I have a black light flash light and I put on a pair of gloves and I go out and stab the scorpions in the face with my pocket knife and dump them in a canister of soapy water.  I’ve gotten hundreds of the pests over the last few months so, I have to ask myself, was this latest event just a rogue suicidal charge or is there a larger plot afoot by my enemies?  What is really going on?

It’s not that I hate scorpions.  They’re not evil.  After all, they just want what we all want for our own families.  A place to sleep, a good meal, good schools and a suitable mate.  Heck, they eat some of the other pests that I really do hate, like mosquitoes.  We really should be allies except for the fact that they freak my wife out.  I kill them so Mrs. Agent 54 won’t accidentally step on one and get stung.  We all know if she got stung, she would scream and panic, thinking she’s allergic and I’d have to run her to the hospital.  Nobody wants that. 

  Actually scorpions are kind of interesting.  For one, they got no neck.  Can you imagine going through life with your body, head and arms all coming out of the same place?  Another thing is that they will eat other scorpions.  Wouldn’t that make dating difficult?  Think about it.  You meet a cute girl say hello and then you have to decide, do I want to mate with her or devour her?   Meanwhile, she’s deciding the same thing about you.  Awkward! 

  Let’s say you are a good-looking, successful male scorpion with a nice bachelor lair and you happen to impregnate a nice girl scorpion.  They give birth to 25 to 35 kids at a time!  There goes your weekends.  With that many mouths to feed and diapers to change, you may never get another night out with the boys.  And don’t get caught admiring another cute little scorpion girl’s tail or your jealous life-mate may sting you with hers and feed you to the family.

  I read other interesting things like the fact that scorpions can go 6 months without eating.  That would suck.  I’m hungry right now.   Also, I have to wonder why they glow bright green under an Ultra-Violet light?  What is the purpose of that?  Does it have anything to do with Space Aliens?  They say scorpions have been around since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth.  Do scorpions have Ancient Alien Ancestors?  What if it were true?

  Coming back to the original question, I have to wonder if the word is out in scorpion social media circles, that I’m the greatest scorpion hunter in the entire trailer park?   Is there a secret scorpion criminal organization called S.T.I.N.G.? Are they plotting in an underground lair (like a hollowed out termite’s nest) with a specific mission to take me out?  Do they have a scorpion equivalent to Dr. Evil and Mini Me?  Is my very life in danger?

  Then I was thinking does this really have to be an all-out war?  Maybe I can find a way to communicate and negotiate with the local scorpions.  Maybe I can get them to bug-out to the next trailer park over?  Surely, Arizona is big enough for all of us.  This could turn out to be a win-win scenario except, for the people in the next trailer park.  They’re screwed but, who cares!

  So, if you know how to communicate with scorpions, please pass that information on using the comments box on this blog post.  Thanks in advance.  

Agent 54 – The Scorpion Whisperer

Friday, May 11, 2018

Franken Stein 2020

  Agent 54 here again.  I’ve got Blitzed Wolfer’s latest and greatest interview with the first Presidential campaign ticket for 2020.  It should be a very interesting race.  Here’s Blitzed with the Franken Stein 2020 candidates. 

Scene:  CAN Studio.  Blitzed is sitting the on stage with the two candidates opposite of him.

Blitzed Wolfer:  Hello America, this is Blitzed Wolfer with the first CAN interview of the 2020 campaign season.  I have Al Franken and Jill Stein who have joined up to form Franken Stein 2020.

Al Franken:  Hi Blitzed, I’m very excited to announce my candidacy for the Democrat nomination for President in 2020.   And, may I introduce my lovely running mate from the Green Party, Jill Stein.

Jill Stein:  Good to be here with you Blitzed. I’m honored to have been picked by Senator Franken as his choice for Vice President.  

Blitzed:  Well, the two of you make for a very diverse ticket. Please tell America about your platform for your campaign.  

Franken:  Happy to Blitzed, I stand for the Democrat principles of hating President Trump, Higher Taxes and Legalized Marijuana.  

Stein:  Yes, and you know my motto and the credo of the Green Party, One Tree One Vote.

Blitzed:  Really?  So you believe it’s a good thing for Americans to be stoned.

Franken:  Hey, I resemble that remark.  In fact I just smoked a doobie backstage.

Stein:  What?  You didn’t.  I know you are not for cutting down beautiful green plants to smoke just so you can play video games in your mommies’ basement.

Franken:  I resemble that remark.

Stein:  Well, as an advocate for all living things green, I cannot condone that kind of behavior.  Find yourself another running mate, Al.  ( Jill Stein gets up and storms off the stage. )

Blitzed to Franken:  Uh oh, looks like you just lost your V.P. before you could even get a chance to grope her.

Franken:  What! Grope her?  She’s a Vegan hypocrite and her farts smell like horse turds.

Blitzed:  Well it looks like that’s all we have time for.  This is Blitzed Wolfer saying stay tuned to CAN for all the latest from the Campaign Trail 2020.

Wow! What a fun and interesting interview.  Looks the Campaign for President in 2020 is going to have lots of twists and turns.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Meteor Crater and Winslow Arizona

  Meteor Crater and Winslow Arizona

 Back in 2010 I took a trip to Northern Arizona to see Meteor Crater, The Rock Art Ranch and Winslow Arizona.  I think I took some cool pictures.  Check it out.

                                   It was March and it had been snowing in the Flagstaff area. 

                                                Meteor Crater from 5 Miles away.
                                                             The visitor's Center.


                                           The Bottom of the Pit. Can you see the Astronaut?
                    Looking back at the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff from the rim of the crater.
                                       On to Winslow Arizona. "Staning on the Corner".

                                                     La Posada Hotel in Winslow.

                                         La Posada is like a museum and art gallery in one.
                           After staying the night in Winslow, it was on to the Rock Art Ranch which is a museum and a working 70,000 acre ranch run by cowboy Brantley Baird. 

                                      They say these glyphs could be 9,000 years old. 

                  I had a great time visiting Meteor Crater, The Rock Art Ranch and Winslow Arizona