Sunday, February 1, 2015

Are You Ready for Some Football!

Agent 54 here again.  I love my job.  Sometimes I get to listen in on some of my favorite people from the past.  This week we listened to a phone call from The Lone Ranger to his old buddy, Tonto.  What a treat.  Here’s my report:

The Lone Ranger:  Hello, Tonto?

Tonto:  Hello Kemosabe, it good to hear from you.

Ranger:  I’m calling to confirm that you and the your tribe will be coming to my place for the annual Cowboys vs. Redskins game.  The game is on November 23rd at 2:30pm but, we’ll be grilling from about noon on.  It will be an all-day affair, as usual.

Tonto:  As usual I will be by your side or on your couch.

Ranger:  Fine, can I count on you to bring the Buffalo?

Tonto:  Ah Yes, Buffalo burgers from Omaha Steaks.  Cost much wampum but worth it.  Speak of wampum, we bet fifty dollars on game again?

Ranger:  You’re on.  This time Tony Romo is going to tear up the Redskins.

Tonto:  Ranger must be smoking California Peace Pipe again.  RGIII will lead Skins to victory dance.

Ranger:  It’s called Medical Marijuana and I only used it after my hip surgery.  This is going to be Romo’s breakout season.

Tonto: Yeah, Yeah, you say same thing last year.  Who else coming to party?

Ranger:  The usual crowd.  Mick Dundee from Australia will be bringing the shrimp for the barby.

Tonto:  Ah, Crocodile Mick.  He big bullshiter.

Ranger:  I’d watch who you call a bullshiter after some of the tall tales you tell.

Tonto:  What you mean.  The shit Tonto make up true.

Both men laugh.

Ranger:  Davey Crockett will be here with some Tennessee moonshine.

Tonto:  Firewater, powerful medicine, we have fun.

Ranger:  Nanook of the North and Quinn the Eskimo will be bringing Reindeer again.  I don’t eat that stuff.  It smells like an old dog and tastes worse.

Tonto:  Ugh.  Me think Reindeer graze in yellow snow.

Ranger:  I think you’re right.  Sherriff Andy Taylor from Mayberry and his Aunt Bea will be there and they always bring some homemade pies.

Tonto:  Mmm, good pies.  Kemosabe, did you see new movie they made?

Ranger:  No I didn’t and apparently nobody else did either.  It bombed.

Tonto:  Me heard Sherriff Joe Arpio in Mesa Arizona jail shows new movie to bad guys to make them go straight.  Spirits say it works.

Ranger:  Is this more of the stuff you make up that is “true”?

Both men laugh.

Ranger:  So I’ll see you and the squaw and the little Indians on the 13th .

Tonto:  Looking forward to it.  Go Redskins!

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  1. Silliness abounds . I'm going to link you to Silly Sunday. I'm just saying.

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  2. Is this funny or what. Gave me some laughs for the weekend! Thanks for also sharing at the Pit Stop
    Pit Stop Crew :)

    1. Thank you for visiting. Have a great weekend.

  3. Cute and fun, just not a football is my game.

  4. Is this politically correct? Probably not, but that is OK by me.

  5. Thank you Timothy for sharing this post at Wednesday AIM Link Party at Grammy’s Grid. I shared it on social media. Hope you get lots of traffic!

    1. Thank you again.

      We have to get together to watch a Football game sometime.

  6. I love this one! It's so fun. Thanks for linking up to #fridayfrivolity!

    1. Happy you like it.

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