Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mega-Super Project

  Agent 54 here again.  The anticipation has been building all week.  I knew this phone call was going to be epic.  Finally, it came and it was so worth the wait.  Here’s my report on the call from Superman to Megamind.

Scene:  Inside Megamind’s Mega-Secret, impenetrable lair we see Megamind’s sidekick, Minion doing some light house cleaning.  The phone rings.

Minion:  Hello, Megamind’s Mega-Secret, impenetrable lair, tell us who you are and we’ll decide if we care.

Superman:  This is Superman calling for Megamind.  What was your name, Munchkin?

Minion:  Superman!  Uh, Minion, my name is Minion and I’ll go get my boss right away.

Megamind enters the room.

Megamind:  Minion, I’m getting hungry.  Who are you talking to?

Minion:  It’s Superman for you, Sir.

Megamind:  Superman!  What could he want?  Do you think he knows where the   Mega-secret, impenetrable lair is?  You better get out of here so I can concentrate on his call.

Minion:  Right, Sir,,, to the kitchen to make sandwiches!

Megamind:  Minion, please stop imitating Buzz Lightyear.  That’s so annoying.

Minion:  Sorry, Sir.

Megamind: (on the phone)  Heeello, ha ha ha (evil laughter) this is Megamind, how can I help you?

Superman:  Yeah, Megamind, who was that other guy, Onion?  Nevermind, I wanted to discuss something with you.

Megamind:  Superman!  How did you find out where my Mega-secret, impenetrable lair is?  Who ratted me out?  What are your intentions?

Superman:  Hey, take it easy.  I don’t know where your,, your, I don’t know where you are and I don’t really care.  I got your number from Buzz Lightyear although 555-v-i-l-l-i-a-n  is pretty obvious, I mean I probably could have figured that one out by myself.

Megamind:  Is this a trick?  Are you coming to try to penetrate my Mega-secret, impenetrable lair?

Superman:  No, now c’mon.  You know that being a “Good Guy”, if you ask me if it is a trick and it is, I have to tell you.  So there now.  Can we talk?

Megamind:  Yes, I am aware of the “Good Guy” code.  Okay, so Superman, what’s on your mind?

Superman:  Well, I was talking to Buzz Lightyear about my little problem,,,

Buzz Lightyear
Megamind: (interrupting)  Buzz does like to talk, doesn’t he.  He’s alright, a bit of a Goody Two Shoes do-gooder but, he’s okay.  No offense!

Superman:  None taken.  So let’s get down to it.  I have a problem with Kryptonite.  I can use lead to shield myself from it but, did you ever try to make a costume out of lead?  I mean talk about clunky.

Megamind:  Yes, I can imagine that.  Definitely NOT Superhero like.

Superman:  Yeah, well, Buzz told me you use carbon nanotube fibers for your costumes so I put 2 and 2 together and thought that with your great mind you could find a way to blend lead with the carbon nanotube fibers and come up with a Super- Mega material for my new costume that would protect me from Kryptonite.

Megamind:  A lead-carbon nanotube fiber Super-Mega, no, no, a Mega-Super material.  That’s brilliant!  Why didn’t I think of that?  Yes, yes I could definitely do that.  I think I could do that.  If anyone could do that it would be me.  Okay Superman, If I decide to do this, what’s in it for me?

Superman:  Well, for starters you would get one third the credit for inventing the stuff and half the merchandising rights thereafter.

Megamind:  Nope!  No good.  I want all the credit for inventing the stuff and 75% of the merchandising rights or you’re on your own.

Superman:  All the credit!  Are you nuts?  What’ll I tell Buzz?

Megamind:  schrrrrrbizzz   Whoa Superman, looks like our connection is breaking up  schdddddbllzzzz,,,

Superman:  Okay, okay,  I’ll just have to make Buzz say yes somehow.  Okay you get it all.  Besides I do too much merchandising already.

Megamind:  I knew you’d see it my way, he he he (evil laughter).  Now, one more thing.   Suppose I make this suit for you and it works.  You’ll be virtually invulnerable  and undefeatable.  How do I know you won’t use your new invincibility against my evilness.

Superman:  Well, I’ll just have to promise to look the other way when you do your evil thing, as long as you confine yourself to doing it in Metro City.

Megamind:  It’s Metrocity.  We call it Metrocity.

Superman:  Yeah, Okay, Whatever, do we have a deal?

Megamind:  We have a Mega-Deal! I can’t wait to get started. (calling to the kitchen)  Minion, get in here and bring a note pad, we’re going shopping. (to Superman)  So, give me your number so I can call you when I get a proto-type ready.

Superman:  Right, it’s 555-S-u-p-e-r-m-a.

Megamind:  555-Superma?  Really?  That’s like a number some mommy blogger would have.  Not too well thought out there Superma.

Superman:  What!  I was in a hurry.  You know.  There’s 8 letters in Superman and only 7 in a phone number.  What was I to do?

Megamind:  I would have thought of something.  Nevermind, I’ll call you Superma.  Click

Megamind hangs up as Minion enters the room with a note pad.

Megamind's Impenetrable Mega-Secret Lair 
Megamind:  Ah, good Minion, I’m going to need a half ton of lead and half ton of Kryptonite from the Villianworld Super Supply store and then we need to go to Sears to check out the latest high-tech sowing machines.

Minion:  Can I ask you sir, what this is all for?

Megamind:  I’m working on a secret Mega-Super Project with Superman himself.

Minion:  Congratulations Sir!  Bye the way, our sandwiches are ready.

Megamind:  Great!  You know they say never go shopping on an empty stomach.  Thank you Minion.

Minion:  My evil pleasure, Sir.

Meanwhile, at Superman’s pad:

Superman:  (to author, Timothy)  Pad?  Really? Did you really call it a pad?  Austin Powers crashes at a “Pad”.  This is my Crystal Fortress.  You want to get it together now?

Timothy:  Sorry Superman.  It’s just that, I’m a little tired.

Superman:  Okay, we’ll take 10 and you can get another cup of coffee and come back to fix it.

Timothy:  Yeah, thanks, I’m on it.

Meanwhile at Superman’s magnificent, secret, Crystal Fortress, Lois Lane walks into the living area where Superman is seated on a beautiful couch and watching his big screen giant holographic T.V.  She sits and snuggles next to him.

Lois:  Hey Hun, who was that on the phone?

Superman:  Hey Sweetie, it was Megamind.  I talked him into making me a new costume that will protect me from Kryptonite.

Lois Lane
Lois:  Cool, you always wanted one of those.  Hey, weren’t you going to call Buzz Lightyear about that. Why is Megamind helping you?  Isn’t he evil? 

Superman:  Nah, not really.  He’s just a bit of a control freak.  In the negotiations I had to fake like I cared if he got the credit for inventing the new material he’s making. Like I need the credit.

Lois:  That’s funny.  He sounds like a nuttball.

Superman:  Yeah, a super-genius nuttball.  Hey Honey, all that negotiating has made me kinda hungry.

Lois:  I got it,,to the kitchen to make a sandwich!

Superman:  Oh no, not you too.  

 OMG, was that worth the wait or what?


  1. The sandwich looks tasty.

    1. Who doesn't love a well made sandwich?

      Thanks for playing.

  2. Looks like everyone is having sandwiches. I'm hungry now.

    I can't wait to see the evil that will happen over all this. I'm sure that he's not going to honor his agreement with Superma... I just couldn't help myself.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday. ☺

    1. Do your clothes provide adequate protection for you?

      Have a great week.

  3. LOL I pictured it all as I read it then got the the sandwich and actually wanted it haha!

    Have a megatastic week & thanks for pirouetting by :-)

    1. I wish I could send a sandwich to all my fans.

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  4. Heeheehee! Thanks for the smile, and happy Silly Sinday!

  5. Sandwiches??? I came here expecting a recipe for Porkypine Meatballs

    1. WoW! You are a genius! Porkypine Meatball Sandwiches! Why didn't I think of that. Next time, guess what will be on the menu.

      Thanks have a tasty day.

  6. And now I am craving a sandwich. Luckily I have leftover ham in the fridge. Maybe I will make some deviled ham because it just seems appropriate after this, ha ha!

    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us every week on #FridayFrivolity

    1. You know, I could eat a sandwich right now too.

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  7. Thanks for the fun read "stop imitating Buzz Lightyear. That’s so annoying." Funny!

  8. A number that mommy bloggers would have, ha! I also need a minion in my life if they make sandwiches like that!

    1. Yes, well, Superman was in a hurry. I could use a minion too.

      Thanks for commenting.

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