Sunday, June 14, 2015

Spacing Out, part II, He's baaack

  Agent 54 here again.  Well, Ron Burgundy has conceded the Presidential race.  It was a great race for Ron.  Let's take a look back at the fun we had on the campaign trail. 

  I know many of Ron Burgundy’s supporters have been worried about campaign volunteer Tim.

Spacing Out

 I can assure you through inside NSA information that he will be just fine.  Let’s catch up with the campaign at a rest stop somewhere in Nevada.

  Scene:  Everyone is off the bus and milling about the rest stop.  The bus and surrounding area have been thoroughly searched but, still no Tim.  Ron Burgundy has his arm around The Only Wendy Shade who is sobbing quietly.

Ron:  It’s going to be fine.  I’m sure he’ll walk up any moment  just like he did at the Little A'Le'Inn.

Wendy:  What if he doesn’t?  What if he’s out there all alone?

Ron:  Well, he’s a man’s man and a former Marine.  He would probably just start a fire, make a camp site out of rocks, tackle a coyote and have himself a nice barbecue until the sun came up.

A flash of green lightning appears to come from inside the campaign bus in an instant.  Ron was the only one facing the bus at the time.

Ron:  Great Green Goblins! What was that?!?

Wendy:  What?

Ron:  Didn’t you see it?  The whole bus was a glow with a magical green light.

Wendy:  Don’t mess with me Ron, I’m not in the mood.

Ron:  I’ve got to check it out.  Somebody give me a sword and a flashlight.

Wendy:  Yeah right, Tim was the only one with a flashlight.  Ron, I think it’s time to call the Highway Patrol.

Ron:  First I have to check out the bus and if I must go it alone then I must go alone. 

Wendy:  Fine! Hurry up.

Ron, using all of his stealthy skills, carefully approaches the open bus door.  Moving like an 18th degree Ninja, he enters the bus.  Hands raised in perfect position to karate chop anything that might appear, Ron makes his way to the curtains that divide the bus.  Ron pops through the curtains in attack position.

Ron:  Ha! Tim! What the poop? Where you been man?

A groggy Tim attempts to make sense of his world and reply.

Tim:  Oh, hey Ron, what’s up boss?

Ron:  What’s up?  We’re all up all night looking for you.

Wendy heard Ron and has made her way on to the bus.  She pops through the curtains.

Wendy:  Tim!

Tim:  Hey Wendy, what’s up?

Wendy slaps Tim hard in the face.

Tim:  Well, I’m awake now.  Was that necessary?

Wendy dives on Tim and hugs him tightly as she sobs.  

Wendy:  Don’t ever do that again.

Tim:  Uh, okay uh, do what again?

Wendy gets up and heads for the front of the bus.

Ron:  Where were you man?  We looked everywhere.  You got a secret hiding spot on the bus?

Tim:  Uh, I’ve been right here since the Little A'Le'Inn.  Man, did I sleep good.

By now everyone is back on the bus.  The other volunteers have a look of bewilderment on their faces as they take their seats.

Howard:  So, Tim ole buddy, you want to tell us where you’ve been for the past hour and half?

Tim:  What’s going on here?  I took a nap like everyone else and I wake up to a bunch of nutballs asking we weird questions.  I still don’t know why Wendy slapped me.

Howard:  She slapped you because she was happy to see you.

Tim reaches over but, is restrained by his seatbelt.  He still manages to punch Howard in the arm fairly hard.

Tim:  Yeah, I’m glad to see you too.  Who’s next?

Maureen:  Come on bro, what really happened?

Tim:  I don’t know!  I got on the bus and took a nap and I slept great.  I dreamt of Bacon Cheeseburgers and Sugar Plum Fairies, if you know what I mean.

Wendy pops through the curtains again and attempts to get the campaign to refocus.
Wendy:  Alright!  Everyone present and accounted for.  Driver, let’s get the hell out of this damn state.  Tim, take my laptop.  Since you were the only one who got any sleep lately you can finish Ron’s Opening Statement for the next Town Hall meeting and Don’t disappear with that computer!

Tim:  Can I use the bathroom before we get going?

Wendy:  I guess, Howard you go with him.  Make sure he doesn’t disappear again.

Howard:  Why me?

Wendy:  Just do it! The rest of you get some sleep.  We have a long day planned for tomorrow.

Tim and Howard get back from the bathroom and take their seats without anyone or anything disappearing.  The bus starts to roll.

Volunteer Joe B.:  Hey Tim, welcome back buddy.

Tim:  Yeah, uh, welcome back to you too.

Howard:  (quietly) So Tim, you really dreamt of Cheeseburgers?

Tim:  (whispering) Bacon Cheeseburgers and they were everywhere and the bacon was that apple wood smoked bacon that I love and the, heh, heh, the Sugar Plum Fairies were like the ones we saw in Las Vegas last year and,,,

Up in the front of the bus.  Ron looks at Wendy.

Wendy:  Shut up and find that bottle of Grey Goose.

Ron:  Yes Dear.

Well, it looks like the Burgundy Campaign is back on track.   Agent 54 sure is glad that nothing really happened to Tim,,, or did it?


  1. Wherever Tim was he was having a great time. That's a good thing. Too funny.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday. ☺

    1. Hangin out with Bacon Cheeseburgers and Sugar Plum Fairies.

      Have a Silly day!

  2. Heeheehee! Maybe no one would mind being abducted if they always saw good cheeseburgers and sugar plums!

    1. All time knows is that he slept great.

      Have a Cheesey week.

  3. I really appreciate you sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday and hope you have a great weekend!
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    Miz Helen

    1. My pleasure. I appreciate being allowed to share.

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    1. Yes, Alien Abduction is a very interesting subject.

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  5. Sugar plums and Cheeseburgers sounds like a good Alien Abduction !

    1. Yes, it was a nice nap,,,or was it?

      Thanks for playing.

  6. kkkkk ::))))
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  7. Seeing that I put garlic powder in everything (and lots of it), I think this is a brilliant idea. Next time I make Eric burgers to grill, I’m definitely trying this.

    1. Great! What time is lunch?

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  8. This was interesting subject to read. Looking forward to read more from you :)

    1. Thank you. Please come back early and often.