Saturday, November 28, 2015

Reno-Lake Tahoe

  The last time a took a real vacation , Carol and I spent 3 days in Reno Nevada before moving on to Lake Tahoe.  These are some of the pictures I took there.

Though it was “off season” the mountains were still snow covered in early May.  The water was clear and the reflections of the snow covered mountains on the lake were beautiful. 

In Reno, we visited the National Automobile Museum.  Spectacular!

We took a Ferry Boat ride on the Tahoe Queen.  It was our 20th wedding anniversary and my 51st birthday.

The Blueness of the water and sky when out in the deep water is amazing.

I met this guy on the dusty trail between Reno and Tahoe.  He's still trying to strike it rich. 

Spectacular scenery is around every corner at Lake Tahoe. 

The Mountains in the background make the scenery around this small lake in Reno spectacular.  The ducks make it fun. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tailgating with Cheese-heads

Presidential Candidate Ron Burgundy
    Agent 54 here again. Well, Ron Burgundy has conceded the Presidential race.  It was a great race for Ron.  Let's take a look back at the fun we had on the campaign trail.  

  We followed the Burgundy Campaign to Green Bay Wisconsin for division Rivalry football game between the Packers and the Bears.  Even though the game is Thanksgiving Thursday, the tailgating has already started on this Tuesday morning.  The campaign team travelled by the freshly cleaned Campaign bus, minus their leader, The Only Wendy Shade who stayed home to take care of some personal matters.  She put Joe B. in charge since this is his home area.  Let’s see how it’s going.  We catch up to the campaign just as the bus arrives at Lambeau Field.

Joe B.  Here we are friends, beautiful Lambeau Field.

Various cheers and Whoo Hoos  from the campaign staff on the bus.

Joe B.:  Now everyone, Wendy gave me some very detailed instructions for us all.  (looking at his tablet)  Now, Tim and John are going to go in opposite directions, passing out campaign materials and buttons and signing up volunteers.  Maureen is going to stay with the bus and act as a home base for communications.  Any problems and you call Maureen’s cell phone, okay?  Ron and I are going to walk down the main tailgating isle and meet as many Cheeseheads as we can.  You ready Ron?  

Ron:  Ready, willing and very, very handsome.

Joe B.:  Wendy wants us out for only 1 hour at a time so it’s 10:54 now so everyone meets back here at 12:00 noon, okay?  Let’s go!

The Campaign hits the bricks.  After just 10 minutes of Ron and Joe B. meeting and greeting, Ron meets a cute little Cheesehead.

Ron:  Hello, I’m Ron Burgundy and I’m running for President in 2016.

Kim:  Oh yeah, I know who you are.  Come on over and have a seat.

Kim is cooking various bratwursts on the grill while watching ESPN on a TV in the back of a huge old truck.  There are several folding chairs all around and an ice cooler full of adult beverages.  Ron takes a seat while Joe B. watches nervously.

Ron:  Sweet set-up you got here.

Kim:  Thanks, my name is Kim.  We drove Dusty there (pointing to the big ole truck) from Arizona.  My friends are throwing the football around on the grass over there.  Hey, grab yourself a Mike's Hard Black Cherry Lemonade from the cooler.  These brats will we take a few more minutes.

Ron:  (as he pulls a bottle from the cooler) Mike's Hard Black Cherry Lemonade?  I never heard of such a thing.

Kim:  Oh they are soooooooo goooooood.  You gotta try it.

Joe B.:  Ron, I don’t know if that is a good idea.

Ron:  Nonsense!  I’m a mature adult.  It’ll be fine.  Kim, that’s Joe B. my campaign babysitter for the day.

Kim:  Whoa, uh don’t let little ole me corrupt the morals of a Presidential candidate there now.  It’s just a hard lemonade.  No big deal.

Two women walking by say in unison “Ron Burgundy, your hair is a work of art”.

Kim:  See, you got fans around here.

Ron:  (after tasting the Mike's Hard Black Cherry Lemonade)  Great Green Goblins that’s good.

Kim:  Uh huh, I told ya.  They go great with the brats.

Joe B.’s cell phone rings and he answers it.  After a short phone conversation he speaks to Ron.

Joe B.:  Ron, Maureen has a problem on the bus, let’s go help her.

Ron:  You know Joe, why don’t you go help her and I’ll just keep the campaign going here.  She probably doesn’t need both of us.

Joe B.  Uh I dunno.  What would Wendy do.

Ron:  Oh come on now.  Whose campaign is it anyway?  I’ll be fine right here.  Shoo now, go and help Maureen.

Joe B.  (as he starts walking to the bus)  Okay, don’t go anywhere and don’t drink any more Mike’s.

Kim:  Wow, they kinda got you on a short leash there, eh Ron?

Ron:  They mean well.  It’s just that they don’t want me to get into any trouble or do anything embarrassing that could end up in the news.

Kim:  I guess.  What could happen here?  It’s just a tailgate party.

  Ten minutes goes by and Joe B. returns to Kim’s tailgating truck but, No Kim, no Ron and no brats.  Joe B. starts to panic as he calls out and looks for Ron.

Joe B.:  (calling out)  Ron! (to himself) Not good, this is not good.  Wendy is gonna kick my butt.  (calling out)  Ron! (to himself) Not good, what to do now?

Joe B. tries Ron’s cell phone but he doesn’t answer.  After 15 minutes of looking Joe B. calls everyone else back to the bus to organize the search for Ron Burgundy Candidate for President in 2016.

  It’s 1:45 in the afternoon and onboard the Burgundy Campaign bus, Maureen has taken charge of the search for Ron Burgundy Candidate for President in 2016 because Joe B. has kinda lost his mind.

Maureen:  Listen, Tim and John go search the biggest gatherings of people in the crowd.  Joe B. you stay here with me and everyone, if Wendy calls you, just tell her that Ron is taking a nap and you are just handing out campaign stuff.  Alright, everyone’s got their cell phones and they all have my number right?

Joe B.:  I told him not to drink that Mike’s Hard Lemonade. I told him…

Maureen:  It’s okay Joe, we’ll find him.  Tim, John get going!

As they open the bus door, Tim and John get a big and sloppy surprise.

Ron Burgundy Candidate for President in 2016:  Hallo (slurring his words)  look what I found, burp, in Curly’s Pub, Smelly Pirate Hookers!

Ron falls into the bus with two scantily clad Cheeseheads on his arm, laughing at him. His tie is gone and his hair is a mess.  He’s very drunk.

Scantily Clad Cheesehead:  (slurring her words)  Hey!  We’re not Smelly Pirate Hookers.  No!  We’re Smelly Cheeeseyhead Hookers. Burp

Maureen:  (barking out orders)  Okay boys get him back there and clean him up.  Girls, we’re done with you, go home now .  Driver, start this thing up and take us to the nearest Outback Steak House.  Let’s go people move it.  And nobody answers their cell phone until Ron sobers up.

Ron:  (slurring his words) Hey I’m pretty soooo…..

Ron passes out as Tim and John drag him back to the shower.

Joe B.:  Hey Ron, great to have you back.  I was starting to worry.

Maureen:  Everybody, this is now our secret.  This did NOT happen.  You all are now sworn to secrecy because if Wendy finds out about this Ron won’t be able to fart without written permission and we’ll all be fired from our volunteer jobs.  Got it?

The silence confirms that they are all on the same page.

Maureen:  Driver, to the Outback.

Wow, that was a wild one for the Burgundy Campaign in Cheesehead land.  Please do NOT tell The Only Wendy Shade anything about this.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

More Rusty History from Oatman Arizona

Oatman Arizona is full of rusty relics that were abandoned by the Gold miners of days gone by.  They are now tourist attractions. 

What job function did this rusty old steam tractor perform during the Gold rush?

How much Gold did this safe hold in it's prime? 

This old tractor is hooked up to a rusty water tank on a trailer.   Check out the rusty rain water tanks on the hill in the background.  Water was very important to Gold mining. 

These "wild" donkeys are descendants of the pack animals used by the miners.  They roam the streets and don't care much about the "No Trespassing" signs.  

This dramatic face of an old vehicle seems to  make a historic statement of hard work.

For great pictures and a good time, I recommend a nostalgic trip down old Route 66 to Oatman Arizona. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Abandoned in Oatman Arizona

  I recently visited Oatman Arizona which is an old Gold Mining town that was booming in the beginning of the last century.  I found many old, rusty vehicles, machines and other items that were abandoned in time.

  How many meals were served from this old chuck wagon?

Locals have been using this old rain water tank for target practice.

This rusty old building on wheels was probably brought in by rail to be some kind of office in the old mining town. 

I took this picture of this old mine abandoned mine shaft with my flash. Notice the many "orbs".  Are they ghosts of miners past or is it just a dirty lens.  You decide.

Wild Donkeys roam the streets of Oatman. This one posed for me across from Outlaw Willie's.

The old water tower points you toward more rusty treasures.

My wife and I really enjoy visiting some of the old towns and Native American settlements of the Southwest.  I hope you enjoy our pictures. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Saluting the Troops and Veterans

  Agent 54 here again.  Well, Ron Burgundy has conceded the Presidential race.  It was a great race for Ron.  Let's take a look back at the fun we had on the campaign trail. 

  We drop in on Ron Burgundy in his home town of San Diego with CAN campaign reporter Blitzed Wolfer.  Let’s see what they are up to.

Blitzed Wolfer:  Hello everyone, I’m Blitzed Wolfer with CAN the Cable Ass Network and I’m here at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego California with 2016 Presidential Candidate Ron Burgundy.  Ron, what are we doing here today?

Ron Burgundy:  Blitzed, we’re here to watch about 480 brand new United States Marines graduate from USMC Basic Training or “Boot Camp”.   You know Blitzed, living in San Diego, I sometimes come here to watch these graduation ceremonies.  It makes me feel good that there are still so many fine young men who volunteer to become razor sharp Marines so they can defend our freedom.

Blitzed:  Indeed it is an awesome sight to see.

Ron:  You know that today, November 10th was the Marine Corps 241th Birthday and , November 11th is Veterans day and it is also The Only Wendy Shade’s Birthday when I believe she will be 29, again.  Wendy’s father was a Marine and she has a special love for Marines and Veterans.  Campaign volunteer Tim is also a former Marine and volunteers Howard and Joe B. are both Army veterans.

Ron Burgundy 
Blitzed:  Yes, I noticed the Campaign volunteers aren’t here today.

Ron:  Right, we let the Campaign have a couple weeks off to salute the Troops and Veterans and celebrate Thanksgiving with their own families.

Blitzed:  How’s the Campaign going, by the way?

Ron:  Quite well, quite well.  I’m meeting all kinds of,,,,Americans, from all different walks of life.  I went to Fenway Park and saw the World Champion Red Sox.  I’ve been tailgating in the Midwest and I’ve eaten fresh Salmon in the Northwest and I may have had an alien encounter in the Southwest.

Blitzed:  An alien encounter!  What happened?  Did you meet Spacemen? Did they beam you up?  Did you get probed?  Please explain?

Ron:  Oh heaven’s no!  Uh, I was just kidding.  In fact, forget I mentioned that.  You know I met Cher in Sedona, Arizona.

Blitzed:  I met Cher some time ago as I was covering one of her tours.  She still looks good and she is very nice.

Ron:  Yes she is.  Very nice.  Very, very nice.  Super nice.  Hey! We were in St. Louis and we learned all about junk.  I met a possible new Junk Czar or maybe Junkmaster General for my administration.

Blitzed:  That’s great.  So what are your immediate plans?

USS Midway
Ron:  When I leave here I’m going over to the USS Midway which is docked here.  They’ve turned it into a floating museum and there is all kinds of military history to learn there.  It’s really neat to be on a WWII vintage Aircraft Carrier.

Blitzed:  I’ve seen the ship but, I haven’t visited it yet.

Ron:  We should go together.  You know usually there are many vintage aircraft on the flight deck but, they can set it up the for banquet events and they even had a flag football game for charity on-board.

Blitzed:  Sounds great.  There really is so much to see and do here.

Ron:  Taking a harbor tour is fun too.  You go out on nice tour boat and you see all the docked warships that they are working on .  There are Submarines, Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers and secret robot ships.  Don’t bother looking for the “Stealth Cruiser”.  You can’t see it.  Did you see the statue of “The Kiss” next to the USS Midway?

Blitzed:  No, I guess I missed that.

Ron:  It’s a big statue of that picture of a Sailor kissing a nurse after Japan surrendered in 1945.  It was in all the papers back then.

Blitzed:  Well, now I have to go see it.  As we wrap this interview up Ron, what would you like to say to the people?

Ron:  I want to thank all the Troops and their families from all the different service branches and all the Veterans for their selfless sacrifices.  Your fellow citizens do appreciate what you are doing and what you have done.  We are aware that Freedom isn’t Free and you great guys and gals have paid or are paying the price and we can’t thank you enough for that.

Blitzed:  Well said.  That’s it from San Diego.  I’m Blitzed Wolfer with Ron Burgundy on the campaign trail for CAN.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Warrior’s Studio, with Blitzed Wolfer Vol. II

  Agent 54 here again.  I’m very excited to bring you the second episode of Blitzed Wolfer’s new interview series, The Warrior’s Studio.  Once again we will be learning the deepest darkest secrets of combatants from all over the Universe.  Here’s my report from the (CAN) Cable Ass Network studio.

Blitzed Wolfer:  Welcome everyone to the second installment of my new series, The Warrior’s Studio.  Today’s guest is Darrik Orangpants of the Orangpants clan on the forest moon of Endor.

Audience:  Polite applause for Darrik Orangpants.
Darrik Orangpants

Darrik:  (in low dark voice)  Uhg, thank you.

Blitzed:  So, you live on the same moon of Endor as the Ewoks?

Darrik:  Yeah, so what!  That’s all anyone wants to talk about is those stupid midget Teddy bears.  They get all the attention!  The Universe was a better place when we used to eat those stupid things.

Blitzed and the whole audience gasp as one.

Blitzed:  You, you can’t mean that.

Darrik:  Uh, no, I guess not.  You know The Empire was in charge back then and things sucked.

Blitzed:  No, I mean, well, you never really did eat those adorable little Ewoks, did you?

Darrik:  Well, no, not me personally.  That was before my time but, I was told stories of whole Orangpants family, oh yeah Blintzed, we’re a family, not a clan.

Blitzed:  (visibly shaken) Uh, yes, a family.  Let’s skip the stories of Thanksgiving on Endor, shall we.  Tell us about how you battled The Empire.

Darrik:  Yeah, well, you see this wrench I have for a right hand?  Well, some of us have wrenches and some have screwdrivers and so we would sneak out late at night and go find The Empire’s road signs and traffic signals and we’d loosen up the screws and bolts and change them around so the newbies would get lost when trying to report to base in the morning.

Blitzed:  Uh, that’s vandalism.

Darrik:  Hell yeah it is! And the Orangpants family is the best in the Universe at it.

Blitzed:  Uh, what was the effect on The Empire.

Darrik:  Well, you know.  They’d have to stop and ask for directions or make a phone call. Ha ha ha.

Blitzed:  Well, that doesn’t really seem like you’re doing much to defeat The Empire by simply getting them temporarily lost.

Darth Vader
Darrik:  Hey!  What the heck did you do to fight Darth Vader?  Boar him with that stupid interview of Carl Splat?  You know, after I saw that, I almost cancelled this whole stupid thing.

Blitzed:  I apologize.  Please tell us more about your cla  uh family.  How many Orangpants are there?

Darrik:  I dunno.  Too many!  My stupid brother-in law, Lite Orangpants had to move in with us when my sister, Bernt Orangpants dumped him for running around with Tangereen Orangpants.

Blitzed:  I see.  So, what do you do for a living now that The Empire has been defeated on Endor.

Darrik:  I work part-time under the table at a bicycle and speeder repair shop but, mostly I collect a nice disability check from the Rebel Alliance.  You know the Doctor says I got PTSD or some shit.  War is hell.

Blitzed:  You got PTSD from rearranging road signs? 

Darrik:  (jumping up from his chair) Hey!  Those were Darth Vader’s damn signs!  You Hollywood knuckleheads don’t have a clue.  You live in Fantasyland!

Blitzed:  I’m sorry, I apologize. Please sit down.

Darrik:  Noway!  I’m outta here but, first I’m gonna raid that mini fridge in the green room.  Oh yeah don’t bother asking me to come back and don’t bother looking for the nuts & bolts on the mini fridge door either!

Blitzed:  Uh, well, I guess we’re out of time on The Warrior’s Studio.  Thank you for watching and I really, really hope to see you next time. (whispering under his breath) If there is a next time.

 How great was that!  Blitzed is doing a fine job of exploring the depths of minds of these brave warriors.   I can hardly wait to see who he interviews next.
May the force be with you.

Master Yoda

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Classic Auto Exhibit

Agent 54 here again.  I went to Laughlin Nevada on a short Vacation and took  pictures of the Classic Cars displayed in Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino.  These are some of my favorites.

I love the face of this 1957 Plymouth Fury.  This car was huge and had a Gold colored grill way before Rap Artists made them popular.

  I just love the lines on this old Graham.  It was Halloween season and that's a big spider on the hood.


This picture shows an old Speedster that has no doors.  It was on a rotating display rack.  I love the thick leather collar around the cockpit

 I attempted to show the layout of the room and give you an idea of how much was there to see. These three Pictures don't do it justice. 

These guys were having a great time showing off their cars. 

 I'd recommend stopping by Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino and visiting the Classic Car Exhibit when you're in town. 

Love the Roadrunner on this old racer.