Friday, May 11, 2018

Franken Stein 2020

  Agent 54 here again.  I’ve got Blitzed Wolfer’s latest and greatest interview with the first Presidential campaign ticket for 2020.  It should be a very interesting race.  Here’s Blitzed with the Franken Stein 2020 candidates. 

Scene:  CAN Studio.  Blitzed is sitting the on stage with the two candidates opposite of him.

Blitzed Wolfer:  Hello America, this is Blitzed Wolfer with the first CAN interview of the 2020 campaign season.  I have Al Franken and Jill Stein who have joined up to form Franken Stein 2020.

Al Franken:  Hi Blitzed, I’m very excited to announce my candidacy for the Democrat nomination for President in 2020.   And, may I introduce my lovely running mate from the Green Party, Jill Stein.

Jill Stein:  Good to be here with you Blitzed. I’m honored to have been picked by Senator Franken as his choice for Vice President.  

Blitzed:  Well, the two of you make for a very diverse ticket. Please tell America about your platform for your campaign.  

Franken:  Happy to Blitzed, I stand for the Democrat principles of hating President Trump, Socialism, Higher Taxes, Open Borders and Legalized Marijuana. 

Stein:  Yes, and you know my motto and the credo of the Green Party, One Tree One Vote.

Blitzed:  Really?  So you believe it’s a good thing for Americans to be stoned.

Franken:  Hey, I resemble that remark.  In fact I just smoked a doobie backstage.

Stein:  What?  You didn’t.  I know you are not for cutting down beautiful green plants to smoke just so you can play video games in your mommies’ basement.

Franken:  I resemble that remark.

Stein:  Well, as an advocate for all living things green, I cannot condone that kind of behavior.  Find yourself another running mate, Al.  ( Jill Stein gets up and storms off the stage. )

Blitzed to Franken:  Uh oh, looks like you just lost your V.P. before you could even get a chance to grope her.

Franken:  What! Grope her?  She’s a Vegan hypocrite and her farts smell like horse turds.

Blitzed:  Well it looks like that’s all we have time for.  This is Blitzed Wolfer saying stay tuned to CAN for all the latest from the Campaign Trail 2020.

Wow! What a fun and interesting interview.  Looks the Campaign for President in 2020 is going to have lots of twists and turns.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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