Thursday, December 27, 2018

Aquaman Movie Review

  Agent 54 here again.  Well, it was movie night again and I took my buddies Shamu, Charlie Tuna and Nemo to see the new Aquaman movie.  Flipper had date and met us at the theater with his new girl, Ariel (a.k.a. The Little Mermaid).  After the film we kept our tradition of reviewing it and scoring it as we sat by the pool.  Here’s our review:

Agent 54:  As usual, I’ll start the conversation.  The new Aquaman movie starred Jason Mamoa as Aquaman, Amber Heard as Mera, Nicole Kidman as Atlanna, Willem Dafoe as Vulko and Patrick Wilson as King Orm.  It’s the story of how a half breed Human and Atlantean takes his rightful place as king of Atlantis and saves the world by stopping a war between the people of the sea and the people of the land.  It had lots of very colorful fantasy CGI images as well as some great beach and land scenes.  I’m sure my friends enjoyed this tale from the sea even more than me.

Shamu:  Yeah, and it has some great camio performances by the biggest star in the sea,,, namely me.

Flipper:  What !  I had more time on screen than you did.  I got to swim with Aquaman when he was just a kid.

Nemo:  So what!  Neither of you had a line of dialog.  Until you get a speaking part, you got no room to talk.

Shamu:  Shut up!  Nobody likes a bitter-jelly little polka-dot guppy smart-ass who didn’t get hired for the movie.

Nemo:  I’m not polka-dot, I got stripes.

Agent 54:  Knock it off!  Com’on guys.  Were supposed to be friends talking about the movie.

Charlie Tuna
Charlie Tuna:  Those guys got no class and parts of the movie didn’t have none either.  Who’s gonna believe the beautiful Atlanna would fall in love with an ugly old lighthouse keeper?

Ariel:  The lighthouse keeper wasn’t ugly or old when she met him.

Flipper:  Whoa!  You had the hots for the lighthouse keeper?

Ariel:  Well, you were drooling over Mera for the whole movie.

Shamu:  Yeah, that’s Flip. He always goes for the redheads.  Hey, what did Mera say to ya when you tried to talk to her on the set?

Flipper:  She talked to me.

Shamu:  Yeah, what she say?

Ariel:  Yeah, what did she say?

Flipper:  She spoke to me.

Charlie Tuna:  Tell us, for cryin out loud!

Flipper:  Okay, Okay!  She said “I gotta go now”.  

Everyone except Ariel has a great laugh for 10 seconds then Agent 54 speaks.

Agent 54:  Alright now, let’s try to focus on the movie.  I enjoyed when Atlanna told Aquaman “The people don’t need a king, they need a hero.”

Charlie Tuna:  My favorite character was Black Manta.  He’s a badass human with a grudge who gets some Atlantean technology.  He’s gonna kick Aquaman’s butt in the sequel.

Shamu:  Man, Charlie, you ain’t got no class, you always rootin for the bad guy.

Nemo:  If you and Flipper had any class you would have gotten speaking rolls in that movie.  The way I saw it, Sharks got all the best rolls for real live marine life.

Flipper:  Shamu and I are gonna get speaking rolls in Aquaman II, guaranteed.

Charlie Tuna:  I’ll believe that when I hear it.

Shamu:  Whatever!  You think you funny, don’t you?

Agent 54:  Okay, Okay, Well, that certainly was a spirited, if not insane debate.  I think it’s time to vote while we’re all still friends,,,,sorta.  I give it 5 Starfish.  I really enjoyed the movie.

Shamu:  5 Starfish and you whale turds is just jelly.

Flipper:  5 Starfish, you tell’em, Shamu.

Nemo:  5 Starfish, I never said I didn’t like the movie.

Charlie Tuna:  4 Starfish.

Ariel:  Well, I give it 4 Starfish.  I don’t think Mera is really all that hot.

Agent 54:  So, that’s 28 out of 30 Starfish so, I guess we really enjoyed the film.  We recommend you go see Aquaman with some of your sane friends.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Usery Mountain Regional Park

  Agent 54 here again.  I went hiking in the Usery Mountain Regional Park, Arizona.  It was a great day for hiking.  Overcast and not too hot.  The mountain has a band of light colored rock called "Tuff" that can be seen from all over the valley of the sun.  The "Tuff" has a lot of green colored Lichen on it now because we had a lot of rain in October.

We went back to the Usery Mountain on 3/16/19.  It was decked out in green for St. Patrick's Day.

My little buddies were out.

Millions of Yellow Flowers were in bloom.

I hiked the Vista Trail in the Merkle Hills to start off my day.  You can see the tall buildings of Phoenix in the hazy background.

Looking East, you can see the Superstition Mountains, Lost Dutchman's State Park.

Great view of Pass Mountain from the Vista Trail.

I hiked up the Wind Cave Trail and had lunch in the cave.

After a short hike, I could see my lunch spot.

I heard some rustling in the bushes and then saw a dear pop his head up.  Can you see it in the middle of the picture?

Looking back towards Phoenix from he trail.  You can see Camelback Mountain in the distance on the right side of the picture. 

Getting closer to the Tuff band as I ascend.

The trail goes right up to the Tuff Band and then turns right toward the cave.

My Hockey Walking stick and one of the many small caves in the Tuff band.

Lots of green at this time in the Tuff band.

Looking back at the Tuff band from the edge of the Wind Cave.

Welcome to Wind Cave.  The other sign says "Travel at your own risk beyond this point.

The cave is amazing.  Notice the split rock in the lower right.

Looking to the right from the cave you can see the 70ft fountain in Fountain Hills.

Phoenix and Camelback Mountain from the cave.  The two small buttes on the left side in the distance are in Papago Park. 

Lot's of great views from the cave.

Green plant hanging from the roof of the cave.

Of course I had to hike past the silly sign so I could get this shot of the Superstition mountains.  I was way up near the top the trail was all but gone by now. 

Coming down I took a break in another small cave in the Tuff band.

A Forrest of Saguaro Cactus.  This whole area is part of the Tonto National Forrest.

I had another great day on the mountain.  There were so many wonderful views.  I hope I captured some of the best.

I climb rocks.  My wife paints them.

I added my neighbor's Cactus Flowers here because they're cool.