Thursday, February 18, 2021

New York Nursing Home Nightmares


Agent 54 here again.   The NSA under the DORD has been spying on Hollywood again. We found out that a movie about the ever-changing COVID-19 Debacle and cover-up stories in the states of New York, California and Michigan is in production. 

  Kevin Hart is starring as Governor Andrew Cuomo and Betty White (is that politically correct?) will play “Nana”.   Chevy Chase will play the Communist New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio with Wanda Sykes as his loving wife.  Alec Baldwin is featured as the average homeless, mentally challenged, alcoholic, peeing and screaming on the streets of NYC.  Inspector Gadget plays the tough Cop and chief investigator for the DORD.  Congressgirl Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is played by Jessica Simpson. MSNBC anchor and the Governor’s brother, Fredo Cuomo is played by Pauli Walnuts of Sopranos fame. Ken Jong as New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim rounds out the cast.  

  The horrifying and tragic story centers on the New York nursing homes that became death camps when Governor Andrew Cuomo sent everyone with COVID-19 to live out their final days there.  After the fact, Cuomo, with help from his brother Fredo on MSNBC, lied his face off to the Federal Government and the public and blamed everyone else for the tragedy. The Liberal media tries to help Cuomo hide his shame but, eventually the truth wins out.   

  My friends and I look forward to attending the premier and we will surely write up a review of the finished product.   Look for New York Nursing Home Nightmares coming to a theater near you in the summer of 2021.

PS:  Look for a cameo by none other that Crooked Hillary herself. 

PSS:  The story is getting more interesting every day. 

 Strip Poker?  Did you ever have sex with an Older Man? "Being Playful?"

Lindsay Lohan will be playing Lindsay Boylan in the continuing saga of the Cuomo Corruption Cabal.  Who will play Liz Joy?  Who will play Gretchin Whitmer?  Who will play Charlotte Bennett?

Sexual Harassments in The City?  Former Actress and Gubernatorial candidate, Cynthia Nixon is getting involved with "New York Nursing Home Nightmares".  The story gets weirder and weirder. 

(Be Safe, Wear a Mask and a Helmet)


  1. It's good to hear from you again. Some movies should be made, but won't be.

    1. When this one gets made, my friends and I will review it poolside as usual. Thanks for visiting. Hope you are well.